Akshar Varma

Photo PhD Candidate
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Northeastern University

About me

I am a fourth year PhD candidate working with Dr. Ravi Sundaram in the Theory Group at Northeastern University. I am interested in understanding the theoretical aspects of problems arising in Computer Science, in particular problems related to overparametrization and generalization in deep learning. I have previously worked on complexity of some graph theoretic problems related to inference of graph structures from node properties.

Before joining NEU, I completed my B.Tech. degree (2013-2017) in Information and Communication Technology from DAIICT, Gandhinagar, India. I also got a minor in Computational Sciences and still have some interest in areas like High Performance Computing, Complex Networks, and Modelling and Simulation.


I have worked on the following problems in the past (some ongoing):


My most recent resume can be found here (Updated July 2020).

Conferences and Workshops


I was the head Teaching Assistant for the graduate Algorithms (CS5800) course offered in Fall 2019 at Northeastern University, which contained approximately 200 students. I was responsible for problem sets, and was involved in recitation sessions and creating exams. I also taught a few lectures during the course.

In the past (Jul - Nov 2016) I have also been a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate High Performance Computing course offered to juniors. Experiences in teaching this course lead to the development of a web-based platform to aid HPC education. Details can be found in the following journal article or on arXiv. This was joint work with Bhaskar Chaudhury, Yashwant Keswani, Yashodhan Mohan Bhatnagar and Samarth Parikh.



Last modified: January 15, 2021